TEAM USA's Rinks Grrrls Represent at WB Atlantic Championships-Cyprus!

Rinks Team (from left to right):

Margi Rambo (Lead), Santa Anita BGC, Arcadia, CA; Southwest Division USLBA
Marita Nierth (Vice), Mount Dora LBC, Mount Dora, FL; Southeast Divison USLBA                   Janice Bell (Skip), Jefferson Park LBC, Seattle, WA; Northwest Division USLBA
Bobbi Elwell (Second), Mount Dora LBC, Mount Dora, FL; Southeast Division USLBA

10/29/11: 2:30PM, Day 6: USA vs. South Africa

Another BRONZE for Team USA. We'll take it! The team went down four in the first end, then came back blazing to tie 6-6 after 8 ends. The South Africans then took the mat, moved it up and regained their mojo resulting in a win and final score of 19 – 10, South Africa.

It's been fun to watch the progress of all the Ladies on Team USA. Medals for all and a great show!

Final Placing

1st:  ENGLAND  
3rd:  USA 

10/29/11, 9AM, Day 6: USA vs. Cyprus

The BRONZE is theirs!!! Team USA won the play off game against Cyprus and are guaranteed a bronze medal! They played a great game against Cyprus, making a lot of clutch shots to keep the momentum going throughout the game. Great teamwork! Final score of 18 – 11, USA. They go up against South Africa this afternoon at 2:30PM. Keep up the good work Ladies. We're with you all the way!

10/28/11, Day 5: USA vs. Canada

Team USA lost to Canada but still secured a place in the play offs. Worth another mention — points matter. The win and high point yield over Netherlands on 10/26/11 continued to pay dividends today. Final score of 18 – 11, Canada.

Over on the other rinks, South Africa beat Netherlands, as expected. And local favorites, Cyprus, pushed Jersey out of the running. Their final score was enough to assure Jersey stayed behind Team USA in plus points. Team USA drew Cyprus for the play-off game and play on the same rink where they beat them in the round robin play. They'll be playing for the BRONZE at 9 AM on 10/29/11. With a win of that game they'll proceed to the Semi-Finals for silver/gold at 2:30 PM, 10/29/11.

10/27/11, Day 4: USA vs. South Africa

Points matter. Today's game against South Africa was a tough one. Although South Africa took the win with a final score of 22-13 South Africa, Team USA met one of their goals by minimizing the point spread. Netherlands, took a win against Jersey with a high point spread, pushing Jersey down a peg. Team USA Grrrls move up in rankings and are now at #2 position going into the fifth and final game tomorrow of Women's Section 2 – Rinks.  Next up…10/28/11, Day 5, USA vs. Canada.

10/26/11, Day 3: USA vs. Netherland

Team USA Grrrls brought their A-game to the greens today, winning in a great team effort against Netherlands. The rink was a bear, tight on one hand and near impossible on the other, requiring a big loopy draw that too often finished inside the center line or hung out on the other side. They played the rink and opponents well resulting in a final score of 26-12, USA.

10/25/11, Day 2: USA vs. Cyprus

Great shots and teamwork result in Team USA Grrrls taking the win against the Cyprus, the hometown favorites. Final score was 21-14, USA.

10/24/11, Day 1: USA vs. Jersey

Team USA Grrrls had some very good ends in the game, scoring a seven early in the game to hold a nice lead. Then the Jersey team caught on fire. Overall, the team played well as a team and all felt like the win had been within their grasp. In the end, Jersey took the win with a final score of 25-17, Jersey.

Keep up the good work, ladies. We're all rooting for you!

There will be more updates as the games progress so stay tuned!


Women's Rinks – Rankings
Section 2 – as of 10/28/11
Points Games
1. SOUTH AFRICA 10 5 of 5 5-0-0 110-70 40
2. CYPRUS 6 5 of 5 3-0-2 89-81 8
3. UNITED STATES 4 5 of 5 2-0-3 88-91 -3
4. JERSEY 4 5 of 5 2-0-3 81-87 -6
5. NETHERLANDS 4 5 of 5 2-0-3 80-99 -19
6. CANADA 2 5 of 5 1-0-4 67-87 -20


Section 2 Score Details, as of 10/28/11:

Cyprus: Irene Owen(S) defeated Netherlands: Guurtje Copier(S) 20-16 
Jersey: Helen Greechan(S) defeated United States: Janice Bell(S) 25-17 
South Africa: Colleen Piketh(S) defeated Canada: Erin Roth(S) 17-13 
South Africa: Colleen Piketh(S) defeated Jersey: Helen Greechan(S) 21-13 
Netherlands: Guurtje Copier(S) defeated Canada: Erin Roth(S) 15-14 
United States: Janice Bell(S) defeated Cyprus: Irene Owen(S) 21-14 
United States: Janice Bell(S) defeated Netherlands: Guurtje Copier(S) 26-12 
South Africa: Colleen Piketh(S) defeated Cyprus: Irene Owen(S) 20-17 
Jersey: Helen Greechan(S) defeated Canada: Erin Roth(S) 23-9 
Cyprus: Irene Owen(S) defeated Canada: Erin Roth(S) 21-13 
Netherlands: Guurtje Copier(S) defeated Jersey: Helen Greechan(S) 23-9 
South Africa: Colleen Piketh(S) defeated United States: Janice Bell(S) 22-13 
Cyprus: Irene Owen(S) defeated Jersey: Helen Greechan(S) 17-11 
Canada: Erin Roth(S) defeated United States: Janice Bell(S) 18-11 
South Africa: Colleen Piketh(S) defeated Netherlands:Guurtje Copier(S) 30-14 

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