Thanks to Larry Edgar who is emailing in these results!

The final results are in:

Nancy Nishikawa ended up the regular sessions of the Women's Singles in a 3-way tie for first with a 6-1 record, but Rosa Gandara came out on top in the play-off to win the Women's Singles title.

Doug Bradley finished with a 2-5 record in Men's Singles.

Lucy Hart and Dee Poor also finished with a 2-5 record in Women's Pairs.

And Larry Edgar and Richard Krueger bowled to a 4-3 record for third place in Men's Pairs.

Congratulations to all our bowlers for representing the Northwest Division.

The winners are listed below. For complete game results go to:

Women's Singles, Rosa Gandara, Southwest Stripes
Women' Pairs, Kottia Spangler/Anne Nunes, Southwest Stars
Men's Singles, Jack Behling, South-Central
Men's Pairs, Joe Zinna/Bob Schneider, Central

Day 3 – Aug. 29

Nancy Nishikawa won both games today and is in second place at 4/1/0.

Lucy Hart and Dee Poor lost both games and are now 2/3/0.

Doug Bradley won 1 and lost 1 and is currently 1/4/0.

Larry Edgar and Richard Krueger won both games and are tied for first at to go 4/1/0.

Day 2 – Aug. 28

Nancy Nishikawa had 1 win, 1 loss today to be 2/1/0 after 2 days.

Lucy Hart and Dee Poor won 2 and are now 2/1/0.

Doug Bradley lost 2 and is 0/3/0.

Larry Edgar and Richard Krueger lost 1 and won 1 to go 2/1/0.

Day 1 Results for NorthWest

The games Sunday afternoon for the NW Division were against the NE Division:

Nancy Nishikawa won her game with Rusty Hein (21-10)

Dee Poor and Lucy lost to Eileen Luba and Lois Saladin (9-30)

Doug Bradley lost to George Fickley (17-21)

Richard Krueger and Larry Edgar won their game with Bob and Dick Sayer (20-14)



SW Stars-Christine Ludwig, singles; Kottia Spangler and Anne Nunes, pairs;

Simon Meyerowitz, singles; Sam Benjamin and Bill Reidy, pairs.

SE-Marita Nierth, singles; Barbara Roller and Jackie Tucker, pairs; George

Tucker, singles; Bruce Miller and Ken Roberts, pairs.


SW Stripes-Rosa Gandara, singles; Patricia Cronshaw and Carrie Fossati,pairs; Jim Olson, singles; Steve Smith and Howard Harris, pairs.