After a seven game round robin tournament, Richard Broad & Doug Bradley were locked in a 3-way tie for first place in Men’s Pairs at the US Championship with Carl Landgren & Steve Nelson from the Central Division and Tony Baer & Bill Brault of Southwest Stripes.

The Southwest Stripes team led with plus points, so Richard & Doug played the Central Division team first. They won that game and advanced to the final playoff. With the average pairs game of 21 ends lasting over three hours, Doug & Richard had bowled over 24 hours to get to this final match.

Richard & Doug got out to an early lead, but Tony Baer and Bill Brault fought back and finally prevailed.

Congratulations to all our Northwest team bowlers. You represented us well!


Thanks to Larry Edgar who is emailing in these results!

The final results are in:

Nancy Nishikawa ended up the regular sessions of the Women’s Singles in a 3-way tie for first with a 6-1 record, but Rosa Gandara came out on top in the play-off to win the Women’s Singles title.

Doug Bradley finished with a 2-5 record in Men’s Singles.

Lucy Hart and Dee Poor also finished with a 2-5 record in Women’s Pairs.

And Larry Edgar and Richard Krueger bowled to a 4-3 record for third place in Men’s Pairs.

Congratulations to all our bowlers for representing the Northwest Division.

The winners are listed below. For complete game results go to:

Women’s Singles, Rosa Gandara, Southwest Stripes
Women’ Pairs, Kottia Spangler/Anne Nunes, Southwest Stars
Men’s Singles, Jack Behling, South-Central
Men’s Pairs, Joe Zinna/Bob Schneider, Central

Day 3 – Aug. 29

Nancy Nishikawa won both games today and is in second place at 4/1/0.

Lucy Hart and Dee Poor lost both games and are now 2/3/0.

Doug Bradley won 1 and lost 1 and is currently 1/4/0.

Larry Edgar and Richard Krueger won both games and are tied for first at to go 4/1/0.

Day 2 – Aug. 28

Nancy Nishikawa had 1 win, 1 loss today to be 2/1/0 after 2 days.

Lucy Hart and Dee Poor won 2 and are now 2/1/0.

Doug Bradley lost 2 and is 0/3/0.

Larry Edgar and Richard Krueger lost 1 and won 1 to go 2/1/0.

Day 1 Results for NorthWest

The games Sunday afternoon for the NW Division were against the NE Division:

Nancy Nishikawa won her game with Rusty Hein (21-10)

Dee Poor and Lucy lost to Eileen Luba and Lois Saladin (9-30)

Doug Bradley lost to George Fickley (17-21)

Richard Krueger and Larry Edgar won their game with Bob and Dick Sayer (20-14)



SW Stars-Christine Ludwig, singles; Kottia Spangler and Anne Nunes, pairs;

Simon Meyerowitz, singles; Sam Benjamin and Bill Reidy, pairs.

SE-Marita Nierth, singles; Barbara Roller and Jackie Tucker, pairs; George

Tucker, singles; Bruce Miller and Ken Roberts, pairs.


SW Stripes-Rosa Gandara, singles; Patricia Cronshaw and Carrie Fossati,pairs; Jim Olson, singles; Steve Smith and Howard Harris, pairs.