Novices are a hot commodity for this great one-day tourney. So if you've been a member for 2 years or less … find yourself a veteran and sign up. If we don't have enough newbies, we'll stretch the definition of "novice" to three years. But true novices have the first shot.

UPDATE: The Novice category has opened up to members of 3 years or less.

When: Saturday, September 10, 2011
Contact Willie Weir to sign up.

Signed up so far:


1.Janice Bell/Bob Douglas
2. Rikki Ricard/Gina Tolentino
3. Jeff Covell/Paul Artman
4. Russ Leonard/Kristine Givan
5. Adrian Jarreau/Pam Odle
6. Howard Syder/Neil Gloier
7. Nita Chambers/Terri Turner
8. Richard Broad/John Hollingsworth
9. Tom Lind/Alexis Vanden Bos