Sign up early and often to help throughout the week of the national championships. We need all hands on deck!

Championship logo Click HERE to see the daily schedule and all volunteer needs.

Click HERE to see the list of items we are looking to borrow for use for the Welcome BBQ (all members are invited!) and during the games.

To sign up for a volunteer task or time, contact

Thank you for your help to make this a memorable championship!

How will  you help?

Donate to the Cookie Bar!

Our goal is for club members to donate 1,000 (homemade or purchased) cookies/bars/brownies. These will be collected the 3 days before the event, then mixed and served daily for lunch and afternoon snacks.  Start your ovens now!! Contact Lauren Heyne to let her know what you are donating. Lauren will update donors on delivery information closer to date.


Help with daily mowing and twice-daily rolling of both greens.

Rinks and Marking Crew

Help with setting up rinks and chalking centers. Work as a Marker or Scorer for AM game and PM game.  A special training is required for markers.

Hospitality crew

Help pick up and prepare food for morning treats, lunch, afternoon snacks, Last End Lounge, and the Welcome BBQ. Help clean up the clubhouse throughout the day.

AM Crew
Volunteers make coffee, pick up the donuts, prep the breakfast treats, and help prep the deli/buffet lunch.

Volunteers pick-up the bread, set-up the tables for lunch, prep the food, take tickets/money for lunch, clean up and set out snacks for mid-afternoon munchies.

Hosted by members of the 3 summer leagues to show off our club’s social side. Sign up to be on the LEL team helping setup the lounge, serve participants and guests, then clean up the whole place and have it ready for the next morning. THURSDAY night is Men With Big Bowls, FRIDAY night is Odd Couples, SATURDAY night is Bowl Busters.

Every morning and afternoon cometh with an ice delivery to keep the cold stuff cold. The ICEMAN will stock a soda cooler, and stock the bar cooler ready for the Last End Lounge


Members are invited to mix and mingle with players and guests at this free event. The club will provide salmon burgers, chicken sausage and ice cream with toppings for dessert. MEMBERS will bring a side-dish or salad to share. We also need to borrow a couple more large grills, and get some grillmasters to feed the hungry crowd

SWAG Seller

Sell baby sell! Sell pins, towels, totes and more. Mabel from “On the Rocks” in Canada will also be on hand with lotions, potions, bowls and shoes.


We need photographers to capture candid moments, edit their images and post them on the website. Anyone and everyone is welcome to share on JPLBC's Facebook group

Portrait Photographer

A volunteer is needed on Wednesday to take the official team photos.