In the spirit of an open and welcoming community, we strive to keep membership fees affordable and still maintain the club at high standards. To accomplish that, the club needs every member to give what they can: time, special skills, ideas and leadership.

Volunteering is the #1 Way to Enrich Your Club Membership

Our club is bowler-powered — run by the hard work and efforts of our members. We have no paid staff and committee chairs need volunteers to help with every aspect of maintaining the club facility and programs. Contact any committee chair listed in the front of your member roster to offer your help.

Volunteer coordinator, Amy Alesio, will contact members throughout the year to help match member’s interests and skills with things that need doing. Better yet, call her first! Amy is available at or 206-852-1989 or send her an email at

These are some of the ways you can get involved. Every little bit helps!

Greens & Grounds

Donut Crew

9:30 AM Tuesdays, September — May

  • Mow greens
  • Mow lawn
  • Weed ditches
  • Rake leaves

Monday Night Maintenance

6PM, Mondays June — August

  • Mow the lawn and outside the fence
  • Edge the greens
  • Garden bed weeding, deadheading, watering
  • Trim hedges
  • Kitchen clean-up
  • Table & Chair clean-up

Greens Mowing Crew

DAILY Early mornings, June — August

  • Rotating schedule to mow Green 1 and Green 2

General Maintenance

  • Recycling into bins
  • Food and compost waste into bins
  • Recycling and Yard Waste bins moved out to parking lot
  • Garbage into dumpster
  • Clean refrigerator
  • Dishes washed and put away
  • Vacuum carpet
  • Sweep/Mop floors

Campus Days

  • Organize, cleanup office area
  • Organize, cleanup kitchen
  • Polish trophies in case
  • Powerwash patio
  • Clean benches
  • Garden beds weeded, pruned
  • Window washing


Opening Day, Members Mixer, Ice Cream Social, Oktoberfest

  • Party planning and prep
  • Decorating and setup
  • Cooking
  • Music playlist
  • Games
  • Supply shopping
  • Kitchen help
  • Cleanup

Club Ambassadors

Friday Night BBQ & Bowls

6PM Fridays, June — August

  • Host—Open and close clubhouse
  • Setting up rinks and grill
  • Greeting new bowlers
  • Instructing new bowlers
  • Cleanup


  • Host—Open and close clubhouse
  • Rink setup and take-down
  • Instructing new bowlers

Open House

  • Planning and prep
  • Rink setup and take-down
  • Greeting new bowlers
  • Instructing new bowlers
  • Cleanup
  • Cooking/Provide treats
  • Marketing flyers, created and posted
  • Notice in print and web publications



  • Rink setup and take-down
  • Roll the greens
  • Make coffee
  • Bring treats
  • Bring ice
  • Organize the draw
  • Cleanup
  • Game leader


  • Rink setup and take-down
  • Roll the greens
  • Make coffee
  • Bring treats
  • Bring ice
  • Record scores
  • Mark Singles games
  • Cleanup


  • Rink setup and take-down
  • Roll the greens
  • Bring treats
  • Bring ice
  • Cleanup
  • League organizer
  • Communicate with league player