Lots to do – and every little bit helps, we need you!

In the spirit of an open and welcoming community, we strive to keep membership fees affordable and still maintain the club at high standards. To accomplish that, the club needs every member to give what they can: time, special skills, ideas and leadership. Our club is bowler-powered and run by the hard work and efforts of our members. We have no paid staff and committee chairs need volunteers to help with every aspect of maintaining the club facility and programs. What category of contribution(s) fit for you?!

Whatever the event there some basic tasks – and the more hands that pitch in the better!

  • Party planning and prep
  • Cooking
  • Music playlist
  • Games
  • Supply shopping
  • Kitchen help
  • Bartending
  • Cleanup

Rental Staff
Friday Night Ambassadors
A key part of our summer programming, the BBQ & Bowls events are a fun and casual way to volunteer.

  • Rink setup and take-down
  • Roll the greens
  • Greet people coming in
  • Help people get set up with bowls
  • Be available on the greens to teach/answer questions
  • Cleanup

Volunteer Calls
Volunteer coordinator, Amy Alesio, will contact members throughout the year to help match member’s interests and skills with things that need doing. Better yet, call her first! Tel 206-852-1989