The Donut Crew doctors
Green 2 with surgical precision

Isn't it awesome when your bowl makes the perfect shot?

Good greens are part of the tool kit for bowling success. And the JPLBC Donut Crew is hard at work making sure we have what we need to bowl our best.

On May 9 & 10, 2011,  Willie Weir, Richard Krueger, Itsu Nishikawa, Chris Davis, Doug Bradley and Paul Artman led the efforts to lower a large section of Green 2. No easy feat! Using surveyors tools, knives, shovels, sand, leveling bars and muscle power the team diagnosed the situation, measured and cut the section of sod in need of repair, reduced the height of the green significantly and refit the sod to the "surgical site".

Long days, cooperation and team work resulted in a successful operation. Thanks to the crew and the many helping hands that made it happen. We appreciate you!  


Art Garcia

Lawn Bowling Event This Way…

Art Garcia, a proud member of Men With Big Bowls and the Die Hard League, has other talents too! Art fixed us up with new yards signs to attract and direct new guests to our bowling greens. Kat Marriner, lead Bowl Buster, also played an important role with a quick turnaround request for type layout. The signs are bright and graphic and were completed in time for the National Lawn Bowling Open House Day on May 8, 2010.

Our thanks to Art Garcia, Kat Marriner and Miller Studios in Auburn. The signs look great!







John Knowles and Maryan – Concrete Artists with Crew

New Patio Extension

Huge thanks to John Knowles and Maryan, the amazing concrete artists! With their hard work and the help of JP volunteers (Tom Zachary, Chris Davis, Tom Lind, John Johnson, Will Urban, Its Nishikawa, Christian Swenson, Willie Weir, Gregg Loughridge, Doug Bradley) we have a new wrap-around patio. It's a perfect match with the original. Check it out.