TEAM USA's Bell/McSparran Women's Pairs combo take BRONZE in Cyprus!

Pictured (from left to right):
Dee McSparran (Lead), Newport Harbor LBC, Corona Del Mar, CA; Southwest Division

Janice Bell (Skip), Jefferson Park LBC, Seattle, WA; Northwest Division

10/23/11: Semi-finals against South Africa started at 9 AM. It seems as though South Africa could do no wrong. They found the green and played it well. The win went to South Africa with a final score of 31-8. Janice and Dee did exceptionally well all through this pairs competition. It's been exciting to hear the updates and thrilling that they captured a bronze medal. We're in your corner, Janice and Dee. Go get 'em in Rinks!!! (Gotta love Rinks!)

Final Standings

1st:  Scotland
2nd: South Africa
3rd:  USA
3rd:  Spain

10/22/11: They did it! Team USA's Bell/McSparran powerhouse beat the Netherlands team with a score of 24-10 in the play-off match today and have a bronze medal for sure. They now advance to the semi-finals on October 23rd at 9 AM to compete against South Africa. If they win, they'll play the winner of Spain/Scotland.

10/21/11: With all 5 games played in Section 1 of Women's Pairs, JPLBC's Janice Bell and SW Division lead, Dee McSparran, are 3-0-2, ranking 2nd in Section 1. Bell and McSparran now advance to the Playoffs and will take on the Section 2, #2 ranked team, Netherlands. The Netherlands team has a 3-0-3 record.

Keep up the good work, Janice and Dee. We're all rooting for you!

There will be more updates as the games progress so stay tuned!

Women's Pairs – Rankings
Section 1 – as of 10/21/11
Points Games
1. SCOTLAND 10 5 of 5 5-0-0 123-42 81
2. UNITED STATES – Janice & Dee!!! 6 5 of 5 3-0-2 84-84 0
3. CANADA 4 5 of 5 2-0-3 80-84 -4
4. WALES 4 5 of 5 2-0-3 77-89 -12
5. ISRAEL 4 5 of 5 2-0-3 68-96 -28
6. GUERNSEY 2 5 of 5 1-0-4 59-96 -37


Section 1 Score Details:

Scotland: Margaret Letham(S) defeated Guernsey: Angela Bartie(S) 19-9 
Israel: Ruth Gilor(S) defeated Wales: K. Pearce(S) 20-13 
United States: Janice Bell(S) defeated Canada: Kylah Dittman(S) 18-15 
United States: Janice Bell(S) defeated Israel: Ruth Gilor(S) 19-11 
Scotland: Margaret Letham(S) defeated Canada: Kylah Dittman(S) 26-9 
Wales: K. Pearce(S) defeated Guernsey: Angela Bartie(S) 19-16 
Scotland: Margaret Letham(S) defeated Wales: K. Pearce(S) 23-9 
United States: Janice Bell(S) defeated Guernsey: Angela Bartie(S) 25-11 
Canada: Kylah Dittman(S) defeated Israel: Ruth Gilor(S) 25-12 
Guernsey: Angela Bartie(S) defeated Canada: Kylah Dittman(S) 15-12 
Scotland: Margaret Letham(S) defeated Israel: Ruth Gilor(S) 31-4 
Wales: K. Pearce(S) defeated United States: Janice Bell(S) 23-11 
Israel: Ruth Gilor(S) defeated Guernsey: Angela Bartie(S) 21-8 
Canada: Kylah Dittman(S) defeated Wales: K. Pearce(S) 19-13 
Scotland: Margaret Letham(S) defeated United States: Janice Bell(S) 24-11

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Where is Cyprus, anyway?

Cyprus is located at the Eastern end of the Mediterranean and benefits from over 300 sunny days a year. Nicosia, highlighted in the center of the map below is the capital of Cyprus.