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Membership fees are annual beginning on January 1st of each year. After their first year, renewing members can receive an ‘early bird’ discount of $25 if memberships are renewed before December 31. This enables the club to set the operating budget for the upcoming year and allows for a timely and accurate Roster. We aim to keep our membership fees as low as possible while still be able to maintain the bowling greens and facility. Our fees are some of the lowest in the country and we make this happen through a commitment from every member to volunteer their skills and time. You may qualify for assistance with your membership fee, check out our Membership Assistance Program.

 Annual Membership Types 

Full Active Membership - $115

Full membership to JPLBC, NW Division, and USLBA. Members have full rights and privileges at Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club enabling them to participate in all club events, to vote at official club meetings and serve on the Board. A portion of the Active membership fee is paid to the NW Division and to the U.S. Lawn Bowls Association (USLBA). Members receive communications from the USLBA and are eligible to participate in division and national tournaments.

New members may join any time throughout the year. The annual fee is not pro-rated, but new members who sign up after August 1 get up to five months free! Membership is good through December 31 of the following year. Members who sign up after August 1 are welcome at all JPLBC social events, club games, leagues, and tournaments. These new members, however, will not be eligible for any national (Bowls USA) or regional tournaments (Northwest, South Central, etc) until the following calendar year.

Associate Membership - $90

Associate Members must have a primary membership at another lawn bowling club. Associate Members have full rights and privileges as Active members at JPLBC except they are not entitled to vote or serve on the Board. An Associate’s primary club pays the fees to their division and to the USLBA. Please provide the name of your primary club.

Youth Membership - $65

Available to any Bowler under the age of 18 who’s parent or guardian is an Active or Associate member of JPLBC. Youth bowlers must demonstrate the ability to handle the bowls and respect the greens. If a youth bowler is interested in competitive bowling at divisional or national tournaments, they must pay for an Active or Associate Membership.

Bowls Locker - $10

Subject to availability.

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Join or renew via US Mail

Download our pdf membership form and mail it in with your membership fee to:

Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club
4103 Beacon Ave South
Seattle, WA 98108

Checks can be made out to Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club