Membership Assistance Program

The Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club (JPLBC) would like everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the sport of lawn bowling.  This membership assistance program is designed for those potential or renewing members who find the cost of membership to be too much.  

Eligibility is determined based on household income that falls at or below 200% of the 2018 Federal Poverty Guidelines as shown below.  A household includes the applicant and any other individuals who share financial responsibility for the household and all dependents.  Household income is the combined adjusted gross income generated by all household members, as reported to the IRS.

Eligible potential or renewing members may apply for assistance throughout the year, starting on December 1.  Applications may be submitted online.  JPLBC will determine the number of assistance discounts granted and the percentage discount annually.  Discount awards are not guaranteed.

Assistance is applied as a percentage discount to the annual membership fee (50% for 2019).   It does not apply to the cost of league fees, tournament fees, or any other cost.  


Household Size

household income


1 24,280

2 32,920

3 41,560

4 50,200

5 58,840

6 67,480

7 76,120

8 84,760