Angelina tolentino - President

Gina has been a lawn bowler since 2010. When she is not on the greens, she is running a restaurant on Beacon Hill with her husband, and working on her paintings. If you talk to her long enough, she will most likely invite you up to learn to bowl. She is committed to making the club a place that will be enjoyed by all!


claus windelev - vice president

Claus spends his time between Seattle and Thailand, and when he's not lawn bowling, you can find him on the golf links, or hanging out with his grand-daughter. Claus is involved with the Danish community in Seattle, is a celebrated painter and talented writer. His critical thinking, friendliness and humor are qualities that are greatly appreciated!


William gilroy - secretary

Bill has been on the board for many years, serving as both President and Secretary. Bill brings a steady, analytic approach to what he does, and has the talent and skill to dig for information. Bill can be found at the club on most days, dog Darby in lap, interjecting as his wife Lisa spins a yarn or two. 


Marya Granger-O'neil - Treasurer

Marya joined the board just a few months after becoming a member, and is now considered as one of the Die-Hards, bowling year-round. She brings a keen eye to detail and organization, as well as a legal perspective. When not bowling, she spends time with her husband and grown up kids, and makes a mean jar of pickles!

Committee Chairs


Club Communications - Andrew Litzky

Andrew has friendly smile and a positive attitude that is infectious! He's also very creative and artistic (as are many of our members). When he's not bowling or sending out communications to the club, he runs Theater Simple with his wife Llysa, who is also a bowler.


Gardens & Grounds - Chris Davis

Chris is one of our true Lawn Bowling gents, who has a flair for elegant rolling, dancing jigs, making art pieces, and he is all around fun on the greens. He strikes the perfect balance between serious bowling and bowling for fun. A landscape artist by trade, he keeps the gardens and greens in great shape. We are lucky to have him.


Greens - paul shapiro

Paul is one of those all around guys who you can't help but love. Bravely stepping in for a year until we find our new Greens Chair, Paul is making sure our greens are in great shape along with our dedicated Donut and Monday Night Maintenance crews. When Paul isn't at the club, he is acting in Tony Award-winning plays, and is a proud grandfather.


House Facilities - Brian Nichols

A local business owner, Brian is one of the most solid, dependable men you’ll ever meet. He spearheaded the 75th Anniversary celebration in 2017. He has a flair for good hats and has been known to dye his beard green for St. Paddy's Day. And if you're lucky, you'll get to hear him play the saw.


JP Tournaments - Tom Lind

Tom Lind has served as our president in years past, and recently semi-retired. Tom has worked for over 19 years as project manager for world-renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly. Tom is a long-time lawn bowler, along with his wife Karen. We love ya Tom!


Marketing - Jane Altemose

Don’t let her quiet exterior fool you; Jane is a strong competitive bowler. She is also great at promoting our club and events, and always has a warm smile when you see her. She and her partner Merf have a beautiful, spirited son and they enjoy being outside 



Membership - Ann Walsh

Ann retired in 2017, and is a dedicated member of the club. She always has a welcome smile and calm demeanor, both of which are necessary on the greens. Ann has moved up the ranks in local female competitive lawn bowling. You can also thank her for your chip and name tag if you are a new member.


Rentals - Betsy whitaker

Betsy first started lawn bowling at Woodland Park before coming over to Jefferson Park. She is willing to pitch in wherever needed, and is always positive, and has a great sense of humor. She likes to play in club tournaments, and is a fan of jigsaw puzzles (as are some of our other members!)


Social - Jenny Mears

Jenny is a ball of energy, and the hostess with the mostest! When she isn't throwing a fête, she can be found traveling the world, or paddling on a pretty lake somewhere. It's not uncommon to say, "Where is Jenny now?" She has a love of animals and the great outdoors, and she and her husband John are fixtures at the club.


Sunshine - Lisa Duffala

Lisa is a spitfire from New Jersey, and is as friendly as you can get! She's also very competitive on the greens. Lisa has a lot of great stories and knows everyone, which makes her great as the Sunshine chair. If something significant has happened in your life, she is here to honor it!


Website - Kathryn Rathke

Kathryn is a talented illustrator and lives in her lovely home on Beacon Hill with her husband, two dogs and one-eyed cat (who sits in on all web development meetings). When not at the clubhouse, she is singing in the Seattle Rock Orchestra Social Club, riding her electric bicycle, or Plein Air watercoloring.