We are a social club and like to have fun!

Join the club and you will be invited to all our soirées.

St. Patricks Day

Wear green on the greens. Eat corned beef, or boiled potatoes and carrots, with, soda bread, champ, Guinness and a bit of whiskey. Yeah, it's all about the feast before we roll.

Opening Day

Some JPLBC bowlers can be enticed to the greens year round, but Opening Day on the first Saturday of May marks the date when the grande bowling season begins! Fair-weather and hearty bowlers alike flock to the greens in spirited costumes to play esoteric bowling games to fit the changing party theme.


A spectacular marathon on the 4th of July, with 2 teams of 12 players taking 2, two-hours shifts over 24 hours, as the city erupts in fireworks!

Members Mixer

The Mixer is our big summer shindig where members mix, mingle, dance, bowl and just have an all-around good time. We pick a theme, get dolled up and listen to great music while noshing, sipping and enjoying each other's company.


Beers, brats, pretzels, and Bowls. 'Nuff said.


All photography provided by members of JPLBC